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Usability first in our mission to change the world with Web3


The NEAR blockchain was designed to be simple, secure, and scalable. As a Layer 1 blockchain, NEAR is independent of other chains. Nightshade sharding makes onboarding new users especially easy thanks to its unique scaling mechanism, this opens the door to mass adoption for Web3. With the NEAR protocol, dApps can be built on a secure, scalable foundation. Furthermore, it is designed to be easy to use for developers.

The above video is a tutorial on

How to Stake on NEAR Protocol

Below, we have included a written version of the video above, in case you prefer a quick overview of the steps involved.

Go to and click 'Create Account' for a new account, or "Import Existing Account' if you already have a Near wallet


Create and confirm your new password, tick the boxes to acknowledge the advisories and click 'Next'


Now we can click on 'Get started'


Save the words from your secure passphrase in a safe place. This is the only way to restore your account. If you lose or forget your passphrase you will not be able to access your account and any funds will be lost forever. Click 'Continue' to go to a new page where you will type the correct numbered word from your passphrase, then click 'Verify & Complete'


You have now successfully set up your Near wallet. Add some NEAR tokens to it. 

Once you have NEAR tokens, click on the 'Staking' tab at the top.

*Pay attention to the additional option for customising your address name should you wish*


Here, you can select 'Stake My Tokens'


Search for your favourite validator, Staking4All, in the search bar, then click 'Select'


Choose 'Stake With Validator'


Type the amount you want to stake, then 'Submit Stake'. Remember to keep some NEAR tokens for any fees applicable


'Confirm' the transaction


Wait a few minutes then you will see this success message when it is completed.

'Return to Dashboard' where you can manage your stake and view rewards

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