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This is a simple step by step guide to help a KSM holder nominate a validator. So you might be asking yourself what is meant by nominate, what is a nominator? Well in short it is equivalent to the holder that stakes his token like you see on other proof of stake blockchains, like other proof of stake blockchains you will use your stake to back a validator or node. But in Kusama you nominate, hence why is is referred to as nominated proof-of-stake (NPoS).

But the official Kusama/Polkadot meaning for nominators from Kusama/Polkadot wiki is “Nominators are one type of participant in the staking subsystem of Polkadot. They are responsible for appointing their stake to the validators who are the second type of participant. By appointing their stake, they are able to elect the active set of validators and share in the rewards that are paid out.”

So lets get down to how to nominate a validator.

Step 1— Open the Kusama UI

You can open the UI by using this link


A good thing to note is you can switch between Polkadot and Kusama using the select network at the top left of the page

Step 3— Navigate to the Nominate Section


You will select staking in the left menu which will take you to the staking page.

Kusama Pic 3.png

Then on the top select account actions. Will take you to a page where you will find the nominator button. Or click this link to go direct to the below page.

Kusama Pic 4.png

Step 4 — Nominate a validator

Once you click the “Nominator” button you will see the below window.

Kusama Pic 6.png

Select your accounts for the stash and controller. In a ideal world these should be separate accounts. 

Kusama Pic 7.png

Pay attention to the value bonded. Ensure it is less than the total balance. You need to ensure you leave enough for the transaction fees, plus you may want to change your nomination later. So always good to keep some spare for transaction fees.

Kusama Pic 8.png

Pay attention to the payment destination field. This will dictate where your rewards from staking/nominating will auto stake or left un-staked. “Increase the amount at stake” option will work like compounding interest if you in it for the long term.

Kusama Pic 9.png

Click the “Next” button to move to the next step

Kusama Pic 10.png

You will then select your nominators here. It is recommended to select a few, it will then ensure your stake will always nominate a active validator. To select Staking4All validators search the below addresses

validator 1 : GTUi6r2LEsf71zEQDnBvBvKskQcWvK66KRqcRbdmcczaadr

Kusama Pic 11.png

Then click “Bond & Nominate” to see the below screen. Click “Sign & Submit” to complete the process

Kusama Pic 12.png

You should then get some messages on the top showing the processing. Ensure you see a green success message.

Kusama Pic 13.png

Then you are done :)

Kusama Pic 2.png
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