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Shared security to hyperscale Ethereum


Eigen Layer believes that the possibilities of staking extend far beyond Ethereum's borders.

With its innovative restaking feature, users can now utilize their staked ETH as cryptoeconomic security for a variety of protocols beyond Ethereum itself. This opens up exciting opportunities for earning protocol fees and rewards while diversifying their staking portfolios.

Not only can users restake natively staked ETH, but they can also leverage liquid staked tokens such as stETH, rETH, cbETH, LsETH, and more! Eigen Layer's platform empowers individuals to maximize the potential of their assets, unlocking a new realm of possibilities in the crypto space.

The above video is a tutorial on

How to get stETH tokens and Restake on
Eigen Layer

Below, we have included a written version of the video above, in case you prefer a quick overview of the steps involved.

The first step is to get some liquid staked tokens. You will begin by staking your ETH in a liquid staking protocol like Lido or your preferred alternative. For this guide, we are using Lido

Screenshot 2024-04-22 095102.png

Once you have your liquid staked tokens, you can restake them on Eigen Layer to maximise your rewards. Go to the Eigen Layer restaking website and 'Connect' your wallet


Go to the 'Restake' tab, then scroll down to the Liquid staked token you have and select it


Enter the token amount you want, and then click 'Deposit'. Follow the pop ups from MetaMask


Go to the 'Dashboard' tab and click on 'Delegate Your Stake'


Here you can type the name of your favourite node operator, Staking4All, then select it


Click 'Delegate' and then 'Confirm' the transaction on the pop-up from MetaMask


Once the delegation goes through you will see a success message and a green 'Delegated' label appears

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